Field Services

Recovery At Its Greenest

At Ace Field Services, the ethical and responsible protection of people, the environment, and client assets are measures of our success.

What we want our customers to know is simple. WE THINK GREEN. We care about the impact our business makes and employ the cutting-edge technologies and the human care to make sure our environmental footprint is as limited.


Ace Field Services provides cost effective and efficient tank cleaning and waste oil removal.  Our safe, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective services are designed to increase our customers’ bottom line.  Our strength lies with our experience.

Streamlined Service

Use of our own vehicle fleet combined with our unique cleaning service approach enables us to reduce cleaning time by up to half that of traditional cleaning services.  The result is cost savings for our customers on the service, downtime, and the disposal of the product.

Regulatory Adherence

We strictly adhere to the federal and state regulations governing our business.  We place high expectations on our team members to ensure safety for people, the environment, and customer assets.

Comprehensive Tank Cleaning Solutions

Ace Field Services provides safe, compliant, and reliable tank cleaning for regularly scheduled maintenance, turnovers, or on-call cleaning needs. We perform the high-pressure washing, scrubbing, vacuuming, and clearing out of waste buildup in and on holding tanks, drums, containers, and sump pumps our customers rely on in their everyday operations.

Our routine cleaning service keep tanks in good working order, avoiding contamination, extending the life of our customers’ equipment, and most importantly, improving oil quality.

Production Tanks

Saltwater Disposal

Industrial Tanks

Frac Tanks

Vacuum Boxes

Vacuum Trailers

Roll off Boxes

Pipelines & Compressor Stations


Environmental & Spill Cleaning

Ace Field Services provides safe, compliant, and reliable hydro excavation solutions for breaking up, removing, or relocating soil without mechanical digging. Our modern, heavy-duty hydrovac trucks loosen the soil using highly pressurized water, then vacuum the resulting slurry into large-capacity debris tanks for fast, efficient excavation. Our top-of-the-line equipment is also ready to meet your rig washing, tank cleaning, spill remediation, pit cleaning, and other hydrovac needs.

HydroVac Cleaning & Hydro-Excavation

Our skilled and experienced operators provide location cleaning, berm construction, cleanup of spills, moving and setting of tanks, spill containment, buried line locating, and a myriad of other environmental services.

Vacuum Trucks

Our in-house fleet of vacuum trucks are a reliable, powerful, and efficient way to remove, transport and haul liquids.

Preventative Facility Maintenance

Ace provides turnkey solutions to help your facility run optimally and extend the life of your equipment.

FLIR Imaging

Ace Field Services uses state-of-the-art forward looking infrared (FLIR) cameras to provide a real-time image assessment of the inside of a tank. FLIR technology gives you an opportunity to view the contents and determine if service is needed without having to open the tank.  A FLIR assessment can instantly identify which tanks need to be cleaned and which are still in good condition, saving the customer time and money on their service.

Rental Services

Ace Field Services offers an extensive inventory of well-maintained equipment and takes the burden of ownership from the customer.